Refund Policy

Please be advised that Gamera shall have no obligation or liability to refund or otherwise reverse any purchases or other charges that are unauthorized using any form of payment method.
All purchases and other charges made in connection with accessing and using Gamera Service are payable in advance and are intended to be final. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you can claim a refund in certain situation, as describer herein.
If you are a resident of the European union, you have the right to withdraw from acquiring any particular digital content without charge and without being obliged to provide any reason for such withdrawal at any time for a period of fourteen (14) calendar days from the initial date of such transaction or until Gamera, with your express consent, has begun performance of its obligations with respect to such transaction, whichever occurs first. In the event that you expressly consent to Gamera commencing to perform any of its obligations regarding such transaction, you hereby acknowledge and agree that your consent shall be deemed to irrevocably waive your right of withdrawal. Therefore, to help ensure that you are advised of the commencement of Gamera’s performance, Gamera’s checkout procedures include notification of when Gamera’s performance starts and you will be prompted to provide your express consent to finalize your intended purchase transaction.
All transactions made via your Account is and shall be deemed to be solely between you ( as the Principal Account owner) and Gamera. By entering into and finalizing a transaction using your Account, you acknowledge and agree:
a. that you expressly authorize and will pay for all transactions made using your Account, including subcription-based charges that occur on a recurring basis (until such time as such charges are effectively cancelled)
b. that you authorize Gamera to charge your credit card, debit card or other authorized means of payment for any and all fees that are due and payable in connection with any and all transactions that are undertaken using your Account
and c. that you accept and shall be subject to any terms and conditions that are applicable to the particular Content Materials and Services that are the subject of any such transaction. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, all transactions are specifically inteded to be final upon their completion and shall be deemed to be governed by applicable law and regulatory requirements that are in effect at the time such transaction was completed.
Gamera reserves the right to charge your credit card, debit card or other authorized payment method for any fee, penalty or other charge resulting from an inquiry of other request by your credit card or ddebit card company or other payment processor to cancel or otherwise reverse the charges associated with any particular transaction. Gamera reserves the right to charge your credit card, debit card or other authorized payment method for any bank fees relating to any and all transactions made by you and/or that are otherwise processed in connection with your Account. Gamera reserves the right to terminate your Account as a result of any failure to complete payment for any transaction undertaken by you or by means of your Account.
Please note that in the event you elect to cancel any subscription you will not receive a refund or any form of credit for any subscription for which you previously provided payment (whether upon cancellation of your subscription or termination of your Account). Furthermore, once any Subscription is cancelled by you or terminated by Gamera you will no longer be provided access to any of the corresponding Content Materials and Services that were included with such Subscription at the time of your transaction order for the Subscription (exept as may otherwise be permitted by Gamera, as its sole discretion). As an example, Content Materials and Services that you downloaded onto a device and that was originally provided to you as a part of a Subscription (at no additional cost beyond the Subscription price) may no longer be accessible to you.
If your Subscription is suspended, cancelled or otherwise terminated, you will not be entitled to any pro-rata refund for the remaining Subscription period (if any).